At Smiles Creator – Woodland Hills Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry we take great pride in quality of our dentistry and strive to make your visits a pleasant experience. Our dental practice is located in 22116 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, and with our medical colleagues, our aim is good health for you and your family through preventative dentistry.

We believe that tooth decay and gum problems can be avoided, so for all patients we can provide personal prevention programs on request which will be tailored to your needs to give you the best in current dental health-care.

We are enthusiastic and committed to providing high quality dentistry and offer state of the art technology that aids excellent diagnosis and supports an unparalleled range of high quality treatment options.

We offer more by establishing lasting relationships with our patients, based upon mutual trust and open communication. We invite your questions and value any suggestions you may have. Working together, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Our desire is to provide you with dental care that can enhance the quality of your life.

If your previous dental experiences have been less than favorable, we’d like to fundamentally change your viewpoint of dentistry and introduce you to a new level of confidence and good feeling about your smile and the steps to make that smile terrific! We offer a variety of adult restorative and cosmetic dental services – each designed to extend the life and beauty of your teeth and total dental health; contributing to your physical comfort, outer appearance, and your inner confidence.

A healthy, attractive smile is an important facet of life. It impacts your health, self-esteem and relationships, both personal and professional. It instantly portrays your personality, self-image and how you feel about the people you’re with. So if you are anywhere near Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Calabasas, West Hills, Reseda, Topanga or Tarzana, come for a visit.

About Dr. Nader Ahdout

Dr. Nader Ahdout in Woodland Hills Office

We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams. Dr. Nader Ahdout is a graduate of USC School of Dentistry, and has been practicing dentistry since 1993. Since graduating from dental school, he has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses in different fields of dentistry with particular interest in cosmetics, implants, and sedation dentistry.

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Our office has adapted the new CDC guidelines, to continue to further ensure the health and safety of our patients.
UV equipped air purifier, appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment), and social distancing.
Please call the office to schedule your appointment.

FAQ About Dental Health

1How does An Implant Dentist restore your smile?

An implant dentist may use various dental implants to support a prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. The device can also serve an orthodontic function for those who have had their jaws aligned via surgery and now need it controlled again by regular checkups at the doctor’s office every six months while they wait on confirmation of whether this will work before committing fully into permanent fixtures like braces which would take away from other important aspects life has thrown our way!

2When Should I See An Implant Dentist?

If you're missing teeth and your jaw is fully developed, then an implant dentist might be right for you. You'll need good bone tissue to secure the implants or have a suitable graft placed over them so they can attach properly in place of what was removed during treatment.

3Why Should I See An Implant Dentist?

Dental implants are a great option for those who want their teeth and jaws preserved. They can be beneficial in preserving bone because they avoid cutting down neighboring natural tooth tissue, which helps keep the height of jawbones high enough so you don’t lose function or appearance from having unnecessary bridgework done on top.

4What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field of medicine that offers many opportunities for patients to improve their smiles. From teeth whitening and veneers, braces, or Invisalign!

1What Kinds Of Problems Can a Cosmetic Dentist Solve?

Cosmetic dentistry is a great solution for all of your teeth problems. If you're unhappy with the shape, size, or position of any tooth(s), it's time to consult an experienced cosmetic dentist who will be able to fix them quickly and efficiently!

2Do I Need To See An Emergency Dentist For A Chip Tooth?

The emergency dentist is a professional who should be consulted if you are experiencing any pain. The delicate parts of your tooth may have been exposed to bacteria that can cause new decay, and they need to evaluate how serious the problem was right away so they know what steps need to be taken next!

3When Should I See An Emergency Dentist?

The symptoms of a dental emergency are sudden swelling, pain, and discomfort. You may not be able to help yourself if you have oral health problems like knots or bulges on your gums because they can't fix themselves quickly - so don’t just try ignoring them!

4What Is The Best Way to Deal With Noticeable Swelling?

Swelling is usually due to an infection, and if said swelling causes you difficulty breathing or eye swelling? You need to see an emergency dentist right away. Don’t put heat on the affected area as this may lead to further complications such as pain during eating/breathing!

We take great pride in quality of our dentistry and strive to make your visits a pleasant experience. Schedule an appointment today!
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Troy L. Berry
Troy L. Berry
June 11, 2022.
Sedation dentistry was an excellent alternative for me because I have a lot of sensitive places. Dr. Ahdout has specialized training in sedation dentistry, anesthesia, and orthodontics. Excellent location for perfecting my smile.
Samrit Elric
Samrit Elric
June 1, 2022.
This dental clinic has the greatest dental implants in the city, which makes me delighted. Apart from that, they offer lovely workplaces with the top materials. Thank you for your excellent dental implants.
Richard A.
Richard A.
May 27, 2022.
Two days before my wedding, guess who broke his front tooth? I needed an emergency dentist when I came upon this wonderful individual. He not only attended to me asap, but he also left no sign of my accident.
May 25, 2022.
Once I read about their work and seen their installations, finding an implant dentist was a breeze. Knowing what operations they perform was reassuring, and it helped me make my decision. The competent dentist made sure I understood all of the treatment I required and why I needed it from the first appointment. Fantastic work!
Rita Brolin
Rita Brolin
May 22, 2022.
Because I was worried about poor practice, I arrived with a long list of questions about Dental implants. Heexplained everything he was going to do in detail to me, and I can confirm that everything went better than expected.
Auguste Montminy
Auguste Montminy
May 20, 2022.
I wanted veneers put on my teeth, but not just any dentist could do it. This cosmetic dentist did an excellent job on my teeth. Thanks to him, I have a lovely smile.
Alec Ochoa
Alec Ochoa
May 17, 2022.
I'm afraid of dentists, but this one has helped me overcome my phobia because she's kind and knows how to operate dental implants. Nothing would make me change my mind.
Stanvik Finch
Stanvik Finch
May 14, 2022.
My tooth was broken while playing with my youngest son. I contacted my insurance company and requested an emergency dentist. They provided me with one that was excellent and restored my tooth in hours.
Brian B. Cole
Brian B. Cole
May 13, 2022.
When we discuss dental aesthetics, I can't help but think of this excellent office. They have the best best dental implants areas. They provide service that is both neat and long-lasting. Great experience.
Lorenz Burnner
Lorenz Burnner
May 11, 2022.
If one of my family members has a dental emergency (tooth knocked out, damaged tooth, filling falls out), Dr. Ahdout's emergency dentist makes us feel comfortable and secure. Not only because of his professionalism, but also because of the quality of his offices. Thank you for your help, Dr. Ahdout.

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